Powerful Protection Mojo Bag Kit – Regular Strength


When you feel that others may be jealous of you or out to do you harm, this Powerful Protection Mojo Bag is designed to put up a wall to block out the danger and keep you spiritually safe.



A mojo hand, gris-gris bag, toby hand, medicine bag or charm bag is a small bag filled with magical items designed to bring the desired objective to the person who wears it in a secret place – in the pocket, tucked in a brassiere, or pinned to the undergarments.

Charm bags are found in many folk magic traditions, but a mojo bag comes from African-American hoodoo and is traditionally made with a flannel bag filled with a mix of herbs, curios, mineralstalismans and petition papers unique to your desire.

If you order a mojo bag kit, you receive a combination of items that will be most effective for your intention. If you order an assembled mojo bag, Madame Pamita hand-assembles your mojo bag, blessing each items and asking the spirit of the item to work on your behalf.

When you put together your own mojo bag, just add a pinch of each herb in the flannel bag asking it to do its work for you. Remember that a pinch is all you need! A mojo bag is meant to be small, flat and easily worn in secret. It should not be a big overstuffed bean bag – less is more!

This kit includes

– a 100% cotton black flannel Mojo Bag

– a selection of herbs, roots and/or talismans (7 items in a Regular Strength, 13 in a Triple Strength)

– a bottle of spiritual oil to bless and “feed” your Mojo Bag

– full instructions on the assembly, care and feeding of your Mojo Bag to get it working most effectively for you.

For an additional $40 surcharge, you may also have the Mojo Bag assembled by Madame Pamita personally and sent to you complete.

For more about Mojo Bags, please click on the video below and read my Mojo Bag How To page on how to work with mojo bags.


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