Psychic Owl Pendulum Necklace


This Psychic Owl Necklace can invite more extra-sensory awareness or can be used as a pendulum for discerning intuitive answers.

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The Psychic Owl has the power of discernment, extra-sensory perception and intuition. Invite these qualities into your own life by wearing this charm. With its long slender shape, it can be used as a pendulum for ascertaining yes/no questions whenever you are in need of some guidance.

This charming necklace depicts a stylized owl on the front and a night sky with a crescent moon on the back. The perfect amulet for yourself or gift for the forest witch in your life.

Bless with Psychic Eye Oil to invite the psychic owl spirit to fly beside you.

Amulet measures 2″ x .25″

24″ adjustable link chain


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