Pure Rose Water by Madame Pamita


Pure Bulgarian Rose Water, also known as Rose Hydrosol, is used in spells, baths, and potions to attract true love and devotion.


    Since ancient times, magicians have revered the rose as the ne plus ultra flower for love spells. There is evidence that roses began being cultivated as early as 5,000 years ago for their magical properties as well as their intoxicating fragrance, reminiscent of lush blooms opening in the early summer.

    Whether it is added to food or drink, used on the skin, or added to a bath, Rose Water brings pure opulence and luxury to your spellwork. Our pure Bulgarian Rose Hydrosol comes from the handpicked petals of Rosa damascena and is created using a gentle water-steam distillation.

    Rose water is used in devotionals to many spirits and deities including Hathor, Hulda, Eros, Cupid, Demeter, Isis, Adonis, the Virgin Mary, and Santa Muerte.

    Rose water can be used in spells for:

    • Love

    • Psychic awareness

    • Healing

    • Luck

    • Protection

    Rose water is edible and small amounts can be added to food or drink for love or healing spells.

    For spell works, Rose Water can be:

    • Used as a healing toner on the skin in beauty spells

    • Added to bath water for love spells

    • Sprinkled around the home to bring calm, loving feelings

    • Sprayed around a business to protect it from negativity

    • Added to teas, coffees, juices, or cocktails for making a love potion

    • Applied as a refreshing and sweet body splash to attract adoration

    Supremely delightful with a rich and heady floral fragrance, this 100% botanical hydrosol has no added colors, fragrance or additives and comes in a generous 8-ounce bottle so that you can indulge yourself with its opulent fragrance.

    100% Pure Rose Hydrosol

    8 oz.


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