Pysanky Ukrainian Talismanic Egg Decorating Kit


Learn the art of Pysanky, Ukrainian Talismanic Egg Decorating, with this kit and make magical eggs to protect and bless your home, your friends and your family.

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    Pysanky, or wax-resist embellished eggs, are an art that goes back thousands of years in Ukraine and other Slavic countries. Each spring, people decorate eggs to symbolize the coming of spring or the Easter holidays. For millennia, eggs were seen as powerful natural talismans in and of themself, but they were decorated with  ancient symbols to bring blessing and protection to the home and the family.

    Pysanky are not to be eaten, but are instead placed on the home altar to bless and bring their magic to those who live there. Legend has it that as long as pysanky are being created, goodness will prevail over evil on the earth.

    Pysanky Ukrainian Talismanic Egg Decorating Kit contains:

    • 5 Pysanky dyes in traditional colors
      • Yellow
      • Orange
      • Scarlet
      • Light Green
      • Black
    • Fine traditional kistka (wax writing stylus)
    • Medium traditional kistka
    • Pure beeswax block
    • Pure beeswax candle
    • Full-color 6-page instruction booklet

    To make these beautiful, magical eggs, all you will need to add are white eggs, wide mouth jars (such as mason jars), white vinegar, water, a few cotton swabs and tissues for clean up.

    Join Madame Pamita’s Pysanky: Talismanic Slavic Egg Magic Workshop on April 3, 2022 to learn hands-on how to make these magical items.


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