Red Glass Heart Love Charm


Once I loved, and it was a gas. Soon found out, I had a heart of glass.

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These vintage-style glass hearts are reminiscent of antique marbles with a weight in your hand and smoothness that begs to be touched. There is a subtle swirl of cherry red on cherry red to the opaque glass that makes each one a unique magical talisman. These are small enough that you can keep one in your pocket or place it in a mojo bag to amplify the heart feelings in your relationship or draw a new one to you.

One of the most magical things that you can do with this charm is to dress it with a spiritual love oil and then carry it with you, give it to your loved one, or secretly hide it in, around or outside their home to draw love to you.

Or alternatively, you can put two of these on your altar to represent the love you wish to keep or draw in.

There are so many ways these tiny hearts can be used to bring love into your life. Hold one in your hand and let your intuition guide you on what to do.

Measures 1 x 1 x .5


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