Remake Your Mojo Bag Service


If you’ve had a Parlour of Wonders mojo bag that has been working hard for you in the past but seems to need a reboot now, you can have Madame Pamita freshen up your Mojo Bag and give it new life.


    If your Mojo Bag has been worn for a year or more or has been touched by someone, it should be freshened up by a rootworker so that it can work to radiate at full power. Think of it as a trip to a spa for your Mojo!

    I will re-use all hard items, such as coins, talismans, shells, charms. I will remake it with a new flannel bag and will add new herbs to give your Mojo Bag back its zing. I’ll also include a bottle of appropriate spiritual oil for you to bless and feed your Mojo.

    This Mojo Bag Remake includes:

    • A fresh new 100% Cotton Flannel Mojo Bag
    • Deluxe Petition Paper
    • New herbs, roots and/or talismans
    • Bottle of spiritual oil to bless and “feed” your Mojo Bag
    • Full instructions on the assembly, care and feeding of your Mojo Bag to get it working most effectively for you.

    Once you have ordered, please ship to

    8857 Canoga Ave.
    Canoga Park, CA 91304

    While charm bags exist in the folk magic practices of many cultures, such as the indigenous American medicine bag or the Slavic practice of carrying ones’ native earth in a small pouch, the mojo bag is unique to the African-American spiritual practice of Hoodoo. A mojo bag is an amulet made of a small flannel bag containing one or more magical items. It is thought to be a spell or prayer in a bag that can be carried with or on ones’ body. They are created to manifest results in a person’s life such as good-luck, money or love and are worn in a secret place – in the pocket, tucked in a brassiere, or pinned to the undergarments.

    For more about Mojo Bags, please click on the video below and read my Mojo Bag How To page on how to work with mojo bags.


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