Renaissance Carved Brass Mortar and Pestle

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This gorgeous carved solid brass mortar and pestle are perfect for grinding herbs and resins for your incense, potions, or spells.

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    If you grind your own herbs for incense or other magical purposes, this heavy-duty brass mortar and pestle will make pulverizing your botanicals a breeze! I recommend brass mortars and pestles for grinding resins — with a quick soak in rubbing alcohol, you can clean out any sticky resin residue.

    This mortar can also double as an incense burner. If you put a couple tablespoons of incense burner sand in the bottom, you’re ready to burn cone incense, loose incense or resins on charcoal. This mortar will not crack or break from the heat of burning incense and is perfect for your magical witchy work.

    Mortar measures 3″ in diameter and 2.5″ high

    Pestle measures 5″

    Check out the video below to see how to work with a mortar and pestle:


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