Retro Incense Matches

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Take your magic with you wherever you go with Incense Matches!
Incense matches light like a match and burn like incense.

Follow the handy directions inside each book:

Light the match, let it burn down a ¼ inch and then blow it out. Place it in an incense burner or ashtray and it becomes a stick of incense, as it slowly burns and wafts its fragrant smoke releasing its spicy or fruity fragrance.

If you love to burn incense for spells, these fun retro matches let you bring your magic with you wherever you may go.

Use as an easy air freshener or use for some serious spell work

Bayberry – for money-drawing spells or building a thriving business

Cinnamon – Heats up love or prosperity magic

Coconut – Sweet protection and purification

Frankincense – Offering for spirits and open psychic abilities

French Vanilla – Sweetens love spells and brings harmony to the home

Goddess of Egypt – Offering for goddesses or bringing power and respect

Hollyberry – Protection from troublesome spirits and brings luck

Jasmine – Spiritual love and prophetic dream work

Musk – Sensual passion and lust

Oriental Blossom – Sweetens and invites a new romance

Patchouli – Passionate love and money drawing

Potpourri – Blessings in all areas

Rain – Cleansing and healing

Sandalwood – Protection, wishes, and healing

Spice – Heats up love and money spells

Strawberry – Sweet and sensual new love

30 Matches in each matchbook



1 review for Retro Incense Matches

  1. Someone’s Mom

    I love these! However, there’s a learning curve. The matches seem to work best when I light one, hold with my fingers until the flame burns itself out (around 1/2″ down), then LEAN IT upright but at an angle against the side of your container/ashtray so that nothing is touching the unburnt part of the match. It will give you 1-2 minutes of incense smoke, which I find perfect, given that a lot of incense affects my allergies. These would be great for a traveling altar kit.

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