Roman Spintria Coin Erotic Amulet


These replica Roman Spintria Coin Erotic Amulets can be used as charms to bring good luck in sex and more passion into your life.



Spintriae are a spicy mystery that come to us from ancient Rome circa 22-37 CE. Theories abound around these coins or tokens depicting a Roman numeral on one side and an erotic scene on the other.

Some say that the tokens were used to obtain entry to brothels or were used to pay prostitutes.  Others suggest that they may have been used as game pieces. And still others believe that they were used as locker tokens in Roman bath houses. 

Regardless of their intended use back then, they can be added to your sex magic spells to bring more passion, chemistry, and good sexual luck into your life.

  • Carry them with you as a good luck charm to attract a new sexual partner.
  • Place one in a mojo bag for increasing sexual magnetism.
  • Buy several and use them as an erotic truth or dare game for you and your partner.
  • Place one or more around a Phallus or Yoni Spell Candle to dial up the passion.
  • Give one to a friend to influence them to be more sensual with you.
  • Anoint with Fire of Desire Oil and place on your altar to amplify your sex appeal.
  • Add them to your bone or charm reading set to represent a sexual relationship.

Select the one with your favorite erotic scene:

I – Man mounting reclining woman face to face

II – Man mounting woman from behind

III – Man mounting woman from behind

IIII – Man mounting woman in seated position

V – Man fondling reclining woman

VI – Man approaching crouching woman from behind

VII – Man mounting woman with legs raised

VIII – Man mounting woman while holding her legs raised

VIIII – Fellatio

X – Woman fondling man’s penis

XI – Woman astride a reclining man

XII – Woman astride sitting man

XIII – Seated man mounting a woman from behind

XIIII – Reclining woman with her legs  spread being fondled

XV – Standing woman astride reclining man

XVI – Standing woman fondling reclining figure

Coins measure 1″ in diameter


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