Rose Quartz Gemstone Rune Set


Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love. Use this Rose Quartz Gemstone Rune Set lto heal and strengthen the heart and attract new love.

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Rose Quartz’s nurturing energy can enhance romantic, family or friend relationships. Rose quartz can be used is spells or readings to heal relationship problems, promote mutual understanding, and inspire an attitude of compassion and kindness. Using this rune set can promote feelings of peace, calm and encourage self-love.

This is a complete set of the 24 Elder Futhark plus an additional blank rune.  The Elder Futhark are the oldest known runes and date from around between 150 and 800 ACE and were first used by Germanic tribes in Northern Germany, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark.

Rune stones have a powerful and magical history and hold strong divinatory powers. The origin of word “rune” stems from the Germanic word for “mystery” or “secret.” Runes are used to connect to one’s higher self, inner guidance and intuition as a method of foretelling what the future may hold and offering advice.

The Set includes 25 Runes made from genuine gemstones plus a velveteen storage bag.


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