Sacred Geometry Quartz Crystal Boxed Set


The serene magic of sacred geometric clear quartz crystals in a laser-cut display box.

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    The magic of clear quartz and the high vibes of sacred geometry come together in this beautiful set of seven magical crystals.

    Clear Quartz is a powerful amplifier. Place these resonant crystals next to other gems to program them for the purpose of love, protection, prosperity, cleansing, healing, luck or any other purpose. When placed near or carried with other gems they amplify and empower each other. These crystals can also be used to access higher spiritual realms, recall past lives or contact your guides. Use these stones for healing, cleansing and meditation or when you need more clarity.

    • Tetrahedron – empowerment, wisdom, manifestation
    • Cube – stability, support, materialization
    • Octahedron – healing, acceptance, forgiveness
    • Dodecahedron – ascension, expression, divine creation
    • Icosahedron – joy, well-being, positive emotions
    • Merkaba – access higher dimensions
    • Sphere – oneness, wholeness, cycles

    Healing with sacred geometric crystals:

    • Select one crystal that you feel is resonating with you or choose by the effect that you wish to receive.
    • Sit in a comfortable position and hold the crystal in your hands
    • Focus on the center of the geometry and allow its energy to enter your system
    • Observe what you feel and how your body responds to the crystal – physically, emotionally, or spiritually

    These are real clear quartz crystals – occlusions and slight imperfections are normal and make each piece a unique and beautiful magical tool.

    Gemstones measure approximately .75″

    Box measures 9″ x 1.75″ x  1.25″


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