Salem Witch Cast Iron Chamberstick Candle Holder


This beautiful Salem Witch Cast Iron Chamberstick Candle Holder can light your way, be used in powerful spells using simply a beeswax taper and bring the rustic flavor of old Salem to your altar.

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    Chambersticks are a special candle holder designed to be carried. They are shorter in height, with a flat circular base to catch any dripping wax and keep it from falling onto the floor or coming into contact with clothing.

    Chambersticks were mainly used for escorting one to and around their rooms or chambers without getting wax everywhere and were typically kept by the entrance hall so they could be used by any family member that was looking to retire for the evening. In the morning, chamber maids collected the chambersticks, cleaned them, and returned them for use again. Wealthy 18th century households had a candle man, employed full time for the explicit purpose of looking after all the candlesticks in the house.

    This chamberstick candle holder can be used as it was intended, to light your way from room to room, but they also make a convenient candle holder for lighting a single taper for your spell work. Simply take a Tall Beeswax Taper or Thick Beeswax Taper, dress it with your specific Spiritual Oil, place it in the generous capital of this candle holder and light it. Your candle will burn safely, can be easily moved from place to place, and when your spell is finished, the chamberstick can be placed in a warm oven of 150 degrees for easy clean up.

    The heavy cast iron construction of this candle holder will prevent your candle from tipping over and will provide you with years of magical use.

    3” tall

    6″ x 8” wide


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