Same Day Taper Candle Spell Service


If you have an urgent need and want us to light a candle for you right away, order the Same Day Taper Candle Spell Service.


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At the Parlour of Wonders we understand that sometimes you need an extra boost of magic to get you through a particular situation on any given day that simply cannot wait. If that’s the case, you may want to consider a Same Day Taper Candle Spell Service. This special candle spell service is offered by Onareo and is customized to your specific need or situation.

When you order a Same Day Candle Spell Service, you send your petition or intention for the spell and Onareo will bless and dress a Thick Taper Candle (burn time approximately 6 hours) with the appropriate Madame Pamita Spiritual Oil and herbs. He will then light the candle while focusing on what it is that you would like to attain. You will receive one email with two photographs of your candle: one when your candle is lit (the “before” photo) and the other of your candle remains after the candle has finished burning (the “after” photo).  f you are ordering this candle spell, please read and agree to the Spellwork Agreement.

You can choose from one candle with one intention or choose up to three candles with three different intentions. Your candle will be started within 24 hours from the the time that you place your order.  You will receive your e-mail with the before and after photos of your candle within 72 hours after you place your order. Please e-mail names, birth dates,  photos or any other pertinent information about those involved in this spellwork to

You can order in any one of these configurations:

  • One candle with one intention
  • Two candles with the same or different intentions
  • Three candles with the same or different intentions

If you would like a detailed Candle Report where Onareo interprets the candle remains and gives suggestions that go along with the interpretation, you can purchase an optional candle spell report.

 If you would like to interpret these remains yourself, please read the chapter on Candle Reading in The Book of Candle Magic or the Candle Interpretations section of the Candle How-To Guide.


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