Satyr Enchanted Mist by The Love Witch


Are you looking playful and sensual fun? Invite in feelings of lust, desire, and youthful vigor with this Satyr Enchanted Mist, hand witchcrafted by The Love Witch!



This Satyr Enchanted Mist by The Love Witch is playful fun in a bottle. This special spray is witchcrafted by The Love Witch for easy and effective magical spells that you can do as quickly as spritzing yourself. You’ll be enveloped by the scents of Carnation, Patchouli, and Musk that will drive anyone who smells it absolutely wild.

Spray it directly onto your body, bed or environment daily, or use it ritually prior to playful encounters!

This spellbinding mist is infused with a sprinkling of real gemstone crystals. Each glass bottle contains small chips of Red Jasper. The beautiful glass bottle contains full instructions for use as well as a travel ready cap so that you don’t miss a single spray!

You can use them in so many ways:

  • Use it as a daily fragrance infused with your spiritual intention
  • Spray it on cloth, paper or other items that would normally be stained by oils to empower them with magic
  • Use it as a smokeless incense in your home or sacred spaces
  • Spray it on your bed or body prior to romantic encounters
  • Spray yourself while closing your eyes and picturing your most passionate desires
  • Give yourself a quick spiritual cleanse after dealing with any person or situation that wasn’t fun

Use Satyr Enchanted Mist To:

  • Attract an exciting lover or playmate

  • Invite feelings of lust and passionate desire

  • Make yourself more magnetic to potential friends or suitors

  • Get a band together or find new and inspiring creative partners

  • Find new friends who will take you on wild adventures
  • Call in youthful vigor for yourself or your partner
  • Honor the spirit of Satyrs, or the god Pan

Satyr oils and sprays have long been known to be especially potent for LGBTQ individuals, but can be used by anyone.

Small bottle: 1 oz, 3″ tall

Large bottle: 4 oz, 4.5″ tall


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