Self Love Oil by Madame Pamita

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Self Love Oil adds energy to your spells to heal your heart, feel healthy self-love, and empower your confidence.


    Healthy self-love is the foundation of all good relationships. When we love ourselves we invite in better friends and lovers, we draw healthy boundaries and attract higher quality people into our lives. Self Love Oil was designed to use in spells for bringing in more affection, forgiveness and self-acceptance.

    Self Love oil can be used in spells to:

    • Increase self-acceptance

    • Make you feel good about yourself

    • Heal old emotional wounds

    • Set the stage for improved relationships

    • Comfort after a loss

    • Empower your higher self

    • Bring in true joy and happiness

    • Offload emotional baggage

    Rose is an flower long used for healing the heart and engendering true love. Self Love Oil contains a proprietary formula of essential oils, phthalate-free fragrance, gemstones and real herbs, including Rose, Jasmine, and Lavender in a luxurious cosmetic-grade fractionated coconut oil base to create the sweet love and self acceptance that you desire. Each bottle contains a real Kambaba Jasper gemstone to open the heart to healthy and balanced self-love.

    This luxury-grade oil is packaged with a dropper top to make it easy to control how much you use. The fresh clean floral scent of this oil will calm your spirit and refresh your senses.

    Anoint yourself with this oil, dress candles, or add it to your bath. Oils are one of the most versatile magical tools available.

    For more details on how to use Spiritual Oils:

    .5 oz.

    1 review for Self Love Oil by Madame Pamita

    1. Yazmin (verified owner)

      I just got my bottle today and I’m already very much in love with how it smells! Excited to see how my self love journey with this little bottle goes. Thanks madame pamita for all your loving packages!

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