Silver Pentagram Altar Chalice


Add some magic to your altar by putting your favorite libation in this silver-plated chalice altar engraved with a pentagram.

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    Chalices are the ceremonial goblet used in rituals and spells and are a beautiful tool of  witchcraft and magic. This elegant pentagram chalice can become an heirloom spell craft tool that you can pass down to the next generation. The pentagram is a symbol of the five elements (air, fire, water, earth, and spirit) or a symbol of protection. Make the most of this classic altar piece and use it to its full potential.

    Traditionally chalices are used on an altar for liquid offerings to the spirits or deities, such as water, wine or a potion infusion, or in ritual to represent the element of water.

    A chalice can also be used in place of a cauldron, simply by placing incense burner sand and a charcoal square inside the bowl and burning your ritual herbs in it. The visual of smoke rising from the chalice adds a mystical quality that will enchant you.

    A chalice can also be used to collect rainwater for blessing, by simply leaving your chalice in the rain for pure, natural water to use in making moon water or herbal infusions.

    It can be used for for scrying too. Fill your chalice with water, then add dragon’s blood ink or another dark ink to the water. Take it outside under the full moon and use it exactly as you would use a scrying mirror.

    You can use a chalice to blend small batches of oils, loose incense  blends, infusions or brews for immediate use in your chalice.

    You can use it to cleanse and empower gemstones, just leave your gemstones or crystals in your chalice with dry sea salt or saltwater and place in the moonlight overnight to cleanse and charge them.

    Chalice measures 5″ tall.


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