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Spells From Scratch: How to Craft Spell that Work by Phoenix Silverstar

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Cast Effective Spells Without the Hocus Pocus

Your days of relying on the sometimes-dubious work of others are over because anyone—especially you—can learn to write and execute unique enchantments. More than just a collection of ready-made spells, this book explores well-established principles of magic that will support your practice and improve castings written by others. Discover what steps are required to create a spell, when to cast spells for the best results, and how to use correspondences to fuel your magic. Harness the power of sigils, brew healing potions, create amulets to protect against evil, give life to Thoughtforms for long-lasting magic, and more. With Phoenix Silverstar’s guidance, you can take your magic into your own hands by casting potent bewitchments that are specific to your exact wants and needs.

“Phoenix Silverstar defines a spell as ‘a mechanism for making the possible probable.’ ‘Remember,’ she says, ‘magic is not miracles.’ Primarily but not exclusively designed for Wiccans, Spells from Scratch is a comprehensive grimoire addressing all aspects of spellcraft, from ethics to elements. Detailed instructions, correspondences, ingredients, incantations, and examples are provided to craft effective spells for every need: healing, transformation, protection, love, and beauty. A valuable addition to any magickal library.”—Oberon Zell, author of Grimoire for the Apprentice Wizard and headmaster of Grey School of Wizardry

“This book covers the basics and more; it is perfect for the beginner. If you have been practicing for years, there are some new tricks that you can pick up. It is easy to read and understand; she presents the material well. I highly recommend this book. It needs to be in your library.”—Tish Owen, author of Spell it Correctly

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