Spice Rack Incense Cone Making Kit


Make your own magical incense cones with powerful, all-natural herbs and resins with this Spice Rack Incense Cone Making Kit designed for us by incense master, Carl Neal.

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Enjoy the magic of spices in a completely new way!  This do-it-yourself kit comes with just-add-water incense powders to make cinnamon, sage, and clove incense sticks, cones, and more.  You can even combine the different powders to create your own unique incense blends!  Includes 3 pre-mixed incense powders, mixing sticks, gloves (non-latex), liquid measuring tool, and complete instructions.

Cinnamon is used for heating up luck in love, passion, and prosperity.

Sage is used for purification, wisdom, protection from the evil eye, and reversing work.

Clove is used in spells for protection from gossip, money drawing, friendship, and general protection.

Each spell kit includes three pre-mixed incense powders, mixing sticks, non-latex gloves, a liquid measuring syringe, and complete instructions. Make each incense individually or mix the scents to create your own magical blends. All incense making kit ingredients are natural and free from synthetic fragrances and other artificial ingredients.

Click on the video below for guidance on how to make your own incense.


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