Sunstone Ra Pendulum


Access the power and leadership of Sunstone through this energizing pendulum.

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For those who seek power, fame and mastery, this Sunstone pendulum is the perfect tool. If you wish to add the element of fire, will and energy to your divination work, using this Sunstone pendulum, with a Sun amulet at the top, will invite self-confidence and optimism.

Sunstone is associated with Ra, the Egyptian God of the Sun, so owning this pendulum is especially helpful for those wishing to create or maintain leadership over their own lives.

Pendulums are an ancient divination tool for finding intuitive answers to simple Yes/No questions. Ask a question, hold the chain of the pendulum as still as you are able, and allow the plumb bob to hang down. Swinging clockwise or away and toward you indicates a Yes answer; swinging counterclockwise or from left to right indicates a No answer.


For a video lesson on how to use a Pendulum for divination, please check out the video on my How To Videos page.


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