Terracotta Horno Oven Incense Burner and Incense Set


This Terracotta Horno Incense Burner is a charming and magical way to burn incense cones. You’ll be mesmerized by the tendrils of fragrant Piñon Pine smoke that drift out of the top of the oven.

Your purchase makes an impact. When you purchase this incense burner set, a portion of the proceeds are donated to the Native American Rights Fund. Find out more at narf.org

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Honor the spirits of the land where you stand. The Horno is truly a multi-cultural magical tool. It  is an adobe outdoor oven that was originally introduced to the Iberian Penninsula by the Moors, then was carried to all Spanish-occupied lands and was used by Native Americans and early settlers of North America. The horno is distinguished by its beehive shape and using wood as a heat source.

The oven, particularly old-fashioned ovens like the horno, has deep symbolic meaning in magic. The oven represents home and hearth and can be used in spells for honoring your ancestors, being well loved and cherished on a deep level, for unselfish love and maternal care. The oven also represents family, fertility and abundance.

This charming incense burner is made entirely from unglazed terracotta clay that darkens to a warm woody brown the more that it is used.

This incense burner set includes 20 piñon pine incense bricks. Light one as you would an incense cone, set it on the terracotta base, place the horno over it and watch as the scented smoke wafts delicate tendrils through the hole in the lid.

Piñon Pine is a magical herb used to clear the air, heal, balance energies, provide mental strength and support fertility.

Measures 4.5″ x  2.5″


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