The Hedgewitch’s Little Book of Seasonal Magic – Book


The Hedgewitch’s Little Book of Seasonal Magic by Tudorbeth

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    Over 100 Recipes, Spells & Crafts to Connect with Seasonal Energies

    Plants, wildlife, the environment, and even weather phenomena are sacred to the hedgewitch. This beautiful book follows the sun around its seasonal year, providing more than a hundred recipes, spells, potions, and crafts to help you reconnect with natural and elemental energies. You’ll enjoy recipes for jams, jellies, chutneys, and syrups as well as spells, Esbat rituals, and correspondences for each of the seasons. Tudorbeth shares enchantments for safe travels, luck, preventing floods, increased passion, and many other purposes. From winter spice marmalade to Mabon apple garland, this hands-on book helps strengthen your magic as you travel through the Wheel of the Year.

    “A joyful, inclusive manual for creating personal magic through the seasons…The well-informed voice of Tudorbeth is a welcome guide into seasonal hedgewitchery. Elder practitioners will enjoy the book as a clear and precise reference, and will have fun with Tudorbeth’s personal witchy recipe book. Those new to the Craft will discover all the basics under one roof—and so much more!”—Inbaal, professional psychic and tarot reader

    “Tudorbeth takes the reader on a delightful journey around the neo-Pagan Wheel of the Year. Learn to develop a closer connection to nature with her magickal recipes and activities. Tudorbeth gently encourages you to be inspired by her work, develop your own techniques and follow your own path.??The Southern Hemisphere correspondences are included, which also makes this a great resource for our Antipodean community down under.”—Nicneven McLennan, @the_shakti_witch, occultist and book reviewer

    “A lyrical walk through the seasons with an other-worldly charm that envelops you and makes you want to try the recipes and rituals within. The beauty of this book is that it truly up to you how simple or complex the magic is. Tudorbeth guides and encourages you to make the magic your own as you go down the path of the Hedgewitch.”—Bali Beskin, co-owner of The Atlantis Bookshop

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