The Path of the Hedge Witch – Book


The Path of the Hedge Witch: Simple Natural Magic and the Art oof Hedge Riding by Joanna van der Hoeven

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Natural Witchcraft for the Solo Practitioner

Relying on wits, intelligence, integrity, and strength, the hedge witch walks a simple and solitary path that requires few tools or complex rituals. This path teaches you how to create a more beneficial life for all beings through traditional folkloric knowledge, a relationship with nature, and the art of hedge riding (trance work). Joanna van der Hoeven shows you how to work with the elements, harmonize with the cycles of the moon, walk between worlds, and establish an ever-growing relationship with the Fair Folk. Covering everything you need to build your own Hedge Witchcraft tradition, this beginner-friendly book connects you to the wisdom of wild places and inspires you to find enchantment every day.

The Path of the Hedge Witch is a delightful book—a rich compendium of lore and packed full of insight and practical guidance to form your own path into Hedge Witchcraft, drawing on deep roots and solid experience. Joanna’s books are always a treat and this is a sound and trusted guide to those new to the practice, covering all you need to know to weave your own traditional magic and showing you how to fly over the hedge and far away! Highly recommended.”—Danu Forest, author of Celtic Tree Magic and Wild Magic

“Reading this book is like coming home. Joanna van der Hoeven leads us between the worlds, exploring the path of the hedge witch, while encouraging us to weave our own relationship with the Mysteries. Practical and poetic, The Path of the Hedge Witch opens a portal to the immanent divinity of the natural world, guiding us to learn the art of hedge riding with a magical compendium of ritual, spellcraft, plant allies and folklore. I am utterly enchanted.”—Danielle Blackwood, author of The Twelve Faces of the Goddess and A Lantern in the Dark

“The Path of the Hedge Witch is a charming walk down the path of the country Witch, blending the practical and the Otherworldly with ease and grace. Author Joanna van der Hoeven has written a truly original book on solitary Witchcraft for those who wish to make a deeper connection to nature in their own way.”—Deborah Blake, author of The Eclectic Witch’s Book of Shadows and Everyday Witchcraft

“Joanna provides a comprehensive, up to date and personal account of her hedge witch path and practices. In this book, the reader is treated to both thorough research as well as the poetic beauty of our wild world. Whether an advanced practitioner, or beginner on the path of Hedgewitchery, this book provides all you need to make hedge riding and simple natural magic a part of your life.”—Moss Milne, founder of Spiral Path: Seasonal, Slow and Spiritual Living, an online resource

“Joanna has written an enchanting and practical book about natural magic that will appeal both to the beginner and advanced practitioner alike. Written in an easy conversational style, she offers simple everyday practices that can easily be incorporated into everyday life. Above all, she encourages us to listen to our hearts and souls rather than follow complex, established traditions, and emphasises the importance of trusting our own experience as we explore the beauty and wisdom of the natural world. An invaluable handbook for the budding hedge witch!”—Mara Freeman, author of Kindling the Celtic Spirit and director of the Avalon Mystery School

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