The Spirit of the Celtic Gods and Goddesses – Book


The Spirit of the Celtic Gods and Goddesses: Their History, Magical Power, and Healing Energies by Carl McColman and Kathryn Hinds

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    Brings the history of these gods and goddesses to life, along with visualizations, rituals, and exercises to help make them part of the reader’s spiritual practice.

    Figures like Brigid, Cernunnos, Rhiannon, and the Morrigan are honored for their magic, their bravery, and their mythical deeds. Among pagans, the gods and goddesses of Gaul, Ireland, Wales, and the other Celtic lands rank with the most popular and influential of the Greek, Roman, Norse, and Egyptian pantheons.

    This book provides an accessible guide for readers to learn about and connect spiritually with the gods and goddesses of the Celtic lands:

    • Learn key features of each of the major Irish, Welsh, and continental Celtic deities
    • Discover the major myths and lore associated with each deity
    • Create rituals and magical work appropriate for each deity
    • Understand the psychological archetypes of each god and goddess
    • Forge true and meaningful relationships with the deities for our time
    • Relate the various gods and goddesses to the sabbats and holy days

    Carl McColman lives near Atlanta, Georgia, where he is a member of the Lay Cistercians of Our Lady of the Holy Spirit—a contemplative community under the spiritual guidance of Trappist monks. He is the author of Answering the Contemplative Call and The Big Book of Christian Mysticism. Carl frequently leads workshops and retreats on contemplative spirituality at churches, seminaries, monasteries, and retreat centers. Visit his blog ( which is devoted to Christian and world mysticism. His writing has appeared on Huffington Post, Patheos, Beliefnet, and Contemplative Journal. Carl lives near Atlanta, Georgia.

    Kathryn Hinds (d. 2018) was a teacher, novelist, poet, and writer of more than 50 nonfiction books on world history and mythology, including The Celts of Northern Europe. Kathryn was a student of Norse, Irish, and Welsh literature and a priestess in the Welsh bardic tradition.

    Courtney Weber is a Wiccan priestess, writer, tarot adviser, and activist. A tarot reader with nearly 20 years’ experience, Courtney produced and designed Tarot of the Boroughs, a modern tarot deck set in New York City, composed of original photography. She is the author of Brigid: History, Mystery, and Magick of the Celtic Goddess (Weiser, 2015). She has been published on Huffington Post, The Wild Hunt, in Circle Times magazine, and elsewhere.

    256 pp.

    6×9 Softcover


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