The Study of Witchcraft – Book


The Study of Witchcraft
A Guidebook to Advanced Wicca
by Deborah Lipp

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    A veritable master’s degree in Wicca in book form.

    The Study of Witchcraft is a compendium for Wiccans who want to deepen their understanding of their traditions. Advanced Wiccan reaches beyond Wicca, delving into topics as diverse as history, psychology, divination, and lucid dreaming, The Study of Witchcraft introduces the reader to these topics, discussing each in depth and offering a one-of-a-kind course of study — including recommended reading, offering readers –increasingly, solitary witches — a self-study guide and a rich resource.

    The Study of Witchcraft includes information for all sorts of Wiccans; traditional, eclectic, radical, groups, and solitary. Wide-ranging topics also include Western occultism, myth and folklore, meditation, astrology, the Burning Times, history, herbalism, and much more.

    Deborah Lipp opens the book with a discussion of the past 40 years of Wiccan history and talks about the diverse people who call themselves Wiccans. Then, throughout the study guide portion, she offers information tailored to different types of Wiccans. Essentially, The Study of Witchcraft is a veritable master’s degree in Wicca in book form, written for the needs of the modern wiccan, who learns primarily by self-study.

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