The Witch Collective Zine – Fall Issue 2023


The Witch Collective Zine Fall Issue with contributions by more than 20 amazing witches, including Madame Pamita, TheLoveWitch, and Miss Kelly from the Parlour of Wonders.

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    Articles in this issue include:

    • A Samhain Meditation by Michelle Lewis
    • Samhain: The Traditions We Still Practice Today by Rose
    • Samhain Incense Recipe by Lady K
    • Witch’s Pumpkin Patch by Wendy Joubert
    • The Witch’s Hearth by Adelaida Velasquez
    • Prosperous Pumpkins by Strega Jessy Cat
    • Empowerment Bath by TheLoveWitch
    • How to Intentionally Use Fall 2023 Makeup Trends by Kimberly Watson
    • Samhain Worthy Comic Reads by BlackLakeWitch
    • Samhain Correspondences by Gina
    • Hekate’s Deipnon (Supper) by Lucy
    • Fall Into a Ritual and Routine This New Season by Elizabeth Olive
    • A Vamptastic Film List by Miss Kelly
    • Samhain Banishing Board by Rosetta
    • My Face, My Hair, My Bones by Valerie Ortega
    • Healing the Ancestral Line by Kelly
    • The Dark Times by Lady K
    • Notes on Familiars by Michelle Smith
    • Creation of a House Guardian: Perfect for Samhain Eve by Stasia Morineaux
    • Samhain Goblin Fumps by Stasia Morineaux
    • Thea’s Autumn Picks by Thea Wirsching
    • How to Create an Altar to Honor Baba Yaga by Madame Pamita
    • Book Lists for Witches by Lauryl Lane and Elise Duggins
    • Ancestral Blessings by Miss Nina
    • Ask the Witches: Halloween Favorites by multiple contributors
    • Pumpkin Spice by Terin
    • Honoring the Ancestral Line Candle Work by Lady K
    • Tarot and More with Nikki by Nikki
    • Fall Lullaby by Kendal
    • Art by Syren
    • Witches Home Protection by Jacquie
    • Irish Samhain Barmbrack Fortune Telling Cake by Rowan Apothecary
    • Woo Woo Wordsearch by Auntie PanPan
    • Soul Care by Piper Warwick
    • Art and Poem by Bela Poison Rachelle
    • Cinnamon Stick by Michelle S.
    • Karlsteine at Osnabruck by Martinique Louise Fisher
    • The Infinity of Sadness by Stephanie Ford
    • Letters to the Dead by Angela Crystallized Heka
    • The Bat by Miss Kelly
    • Hallows Astrology: Wishes and Incantations by Miss Kelly

    40 pages


    5″ x 8″


    Limited Edition


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