The Witch’s Rosary of Mysticism


Use this Witch’s Rosary of Mysticism with its Seal of Solomon, All-Seeing Eye and Praying Hands symbols to chant your incantations and connect to deep spiritual wisdom.

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    The Witch’s Rosary of Mysticism features the symbols of deep prayer and wisdom: praying hands, the All-Seeing Eye, and the Seal of Solomon. It has sixty-two jet black glass beads in the circlet and six black beads hanging down in traditional Rosary style.  It can be worn as a necklace as well as used in meditation.

    The Witch’s Rosary comes with a handy how-to guide explaining how to use it and suggested chants and prayers.

    Prayer beads are a part of many religious paths. The simple meditative act of repeating a phrase for as little as ten minutes has been scientifically shown to decrease anxiety and depression. Chanting is good for the heart, mind and soul. 

    The Rosary has been a part of Catholicism since the Middle Ages. While many find the Rosary to be a profound source of comfort and spiritual connection, some of us may not identify with the religious aspects associated with it. We may worship different goddesses or gods or want to connect to our own power rather than retell a story that has oppressed us. Guess what? You’re a witch! You get to make your own rules. 

    Make the Witch’s Rosary your own. You can use the Witch’s Rosary to honor your deities or spirits. You can use it to repeat affirmations. You can use it to recite incantations. You can simply wear it as a magic talisman. You can use it any way you want.

    The traditional Rosary has a special prayer for the small beads and a different longer prayer for the larger beads. Write you own prayer, chant, affirmation, mantra, wish, or incantation or use one of the suggested chants included with your rosary and recite it as you hold each bead and go once, twice or three times around the circlet of beads. 

    Rosary measures 20″ from top to bottom when hanging


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