Thick Beeswax Taper


These thick and short dipped beeswax tapers are the perfect size to burn alone, around a larger figural candle or in groups of two, three or more.



Beeswax candles are the Cadillac of magical tools.  While the superior burn of beeswax is useful for any type of work, the honey-imbued wax is especially perfect for sweetening up a situation of any kind. 

These candles are made by me – I mold and then hand-dip them in small batches with loving care and magical intention.

These thick tapers are just as wide as a normal long taper and will fit in a traditional taper candle holder, but shorter than the typical taper and sized perfectly for magical work.

Place several around a larger candle for additional spiritual intent, burn one a day for 7 days or use one on top of your honey jar each day.

These candles are 100% pure beeswax with no fragrances, essential oils or herbs added. Dress them in your favorite spiritual oil and roll in herbs to magnify your spiritual intent.

These are the perfect thickness for work where you want to carve words, sigils or symbols into the side of the candle.

Choose a color that aligns with your intent: green for abundant prosperity, red for passionate love, black for banishing and protection, white for all-purpose positivity and blessing, golden yellow for personal power, pale blue for reconciliation or peace, and pink for romance, friendship or family love.

Candle measures 5″h x .75″w
Approximate burn time: 6 hours
100% beeswax
100% cotton wick
Handmade in the USA by Madame Pamita


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