Three Consecutive Vigil Candle Spell Service


This Three Consecutive Vigil Candle Spell Service is for more complex situations that require a multi-pronged approach.



If you are ordering this candle spell, please read and agree to the Spellwork Agreement.

Sometimes an issue needs a triple dose of work – when you order a Three Consecutive Vigil Candle Spell Service, you can write out your three petitions by clicking on the “Add To Cart” button above. Please write one petition for each candle. If there are specific people involved, please include the names and birthdates of you and any other applicable parties.

Select your spellcaster when you make your purchase.

We then bless three single vigil candles (see the single candle spells for examples).  We place your petition with each candle and light them while setting an intention for what it is that you would like to attain. Consecutive candles are burned one after another as each one finishes.  Want them burned at the same time? Order the simultaneous service.

While the candles are burning, we will take a photograph of it with a name placard identifying that the candle is yours. When the candles complete, we will send you a photograph showing the candle spell remains with your name placard. If you would like to interpret these remains yourself, please read the chapter on Candle Reading in The Book of Candle Magic or the Candle Interpretations section of the Candle How-To Guide.

If you would like us to interpret the remains, order the optional candle report and we will either send you an e-mail report with pictures of spell  remains or schedule a 15 minute Zoom session where we will give you a detailed candle report. In this report, we will show you your candle remains, give you an interpretation of those remains and give you some suggestions of what actions can be helpful to reach your goals.


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