Twelve Days of Yule Magical Treat Box


Celebrate the magic of the Winter Solstice with this Twelve Days of Yule Magical Treat Box which includes twelve limited-edition Madame Pamita exclusives and twelve mini video workshops to teach you how to use them for real magic!

Please note: Boxes will be shipped after December 1, 2023.


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    Since the most ancient times, Winter Solstice has been considered a time of year when our ancestors come close and all kinds of impossible magic becomes possible. Celebrate the days from the eve of Winter Solstice to the eve of the New Year by treating yourself (or that special magic maker in your life) with twelve luxurious limited-edition Madame Pamita products that are available only with our Twelve Days of Yule Magical Treat Box.

    Each box contains twelve gifts for you to give yourself – one for each of the twelve days of Yule – plus a link to a mini-video lesson from Madame Pamita showing you how to use the product to cast a spell to make your wishes come true! Twelve special treats that will only be available in this box and nowhere else!

    Follow along with the days, starting with the night before Winter Solstice on December 20th all the way through the “Twelfth Night Wassail” on December 31st. Along the way, you’ll learn traditional lore around the season from various traditions in the Northern Hemisphere as well as learn how to use your products on these nights and throughout the year.

    Each box contains full-sized products with a $180 retail value (and that’s not even counting the on-demand videos you get with each day’s gift). We can’t reveal what they are, we want you to be delighted with each day’s surprise, but we guarantee that you will love them! Check the mystery photo here to get a tiny hint as to what will be coming your way.

    We’ve limited this special offering to 50 boxes – when they’re gone, they’re gone! Don’t miss this opportunity to gift yourself or your favorite witch to a once-in-a-lifetime treat!

    The products in this box can be used any time of year but If you’d like to ensure that you receive this box in time for the Twelve Days of Yule,  please place your order before December 13 in the US or before December 2 outside of the US.


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