Ukrainian Embroidered Charm Pillow


Embroidered charms are a traditional part of Ukrainian magic. Let us choose a Ukrainian Embroidered Charm Pillow for your abundance, luck and protection.

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Embroidered charms have existed in Ukrainian magical practices since ancient times. Each cross stitch is a small symbol of protection, while the intricate designs invite prosperity, fertility, abundance, luck, health, and blessings.

Use this miniature pillow to invite more luck into your life:

  • Tuck it under your pillow in your bed to bless you while you sleep
  • Spray it with your favorite perfume and place it in your clothing drawer to infuse your clothing with good luck
  • Display it in your house to provide loving protection to your home and loved ones

Each pillow is a unique handmade piece made for us by a Ukrainian artisan. Let us select one to surprise and delight you!

Pillows measure 2.5″-3″


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