Ukrainian Magic – Vyshyvka Talismanic Embroidery Kit


In Ukrainian magic, embroidery is a powerful magical tool used in creating beautiful and protective talismans on clothing such as the vyshyvanka or embroidered shirt, and the rushnyk, the embroidered protective cloth. Create your own talisman for protection and prosperity with this Vyshyvka Talismanic Embroidery Kit.


    Learn how to make ancient Ukrainian magical embroidery. Embroidery has a rich history in Ukraine, and has long appeared in Ukrainian folk costumes as well as played a part in traditional weddings and other celebrations.

    Embroidery is an ancient and symbolic tradition in Ukraine. In 513 BC, Herodotus, the famous Greek historian mentioned that the Thracian-Dacian people who lived in what is now the Balkans and western Ukraine used embroidery to decorate their clothes. Excavations of cities from the 1st century AD have revealed examples of embroidered clothing in the territory of Ukraine. Other early examples of embroideries include pre-Christian goddess motifs, such as Berehynia.

    The eight-pointed star is also called the full mallow flower, povna rozha, and is one of the most popular symbols in Ukrainian talismanic magic. It represents the bursting forth of life energy in all directions, the big bang that occurs when an egg is fertilized or when a star is born in the heavens. When you want to incorporate big dreams and expansive wishes into your charms, a povna rozha is the perfect addition to your design. 

    This kit comes with everything you need to make your first cross stitch talisman:

    • Aida Fabric
    • Wooden embroidery hoop
    • Black embroidery floss
    • Red embroidery floss
    • Embroidery needle
    • Embroidery pattern



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