Uncrossing Candle Spell Booster Pack

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The Uncrossing Candle Spell Booster Pack is perfect for adding a powerful element of cleansing, purifying, jinx removing and uncrossing to any candle spell that you are doing.


    Do you want to amp up the uncrossing power of your favorite candle spell or add an element of uncrossing to a love, money, protection, or any other kind of spell? This booster pack will do just that!

    Uncrossing is used to remove jinxes, curses, crossing, hexes or any negativity that has been sent your way. If you know or suspect that someone has been doing malefic magic directed at you or your loved ones, that you have blocked or jinxed, that someone has intentionally or unintentionally cast the evil eye, or simply that you have picked up some stray negativity, then adding the Uncrossing Candle Spell Booster Pack to your candle spell will lift and banish that negative energy.

    • Add to an uncrossing or cleansing spell to amplify the uncrossing power
    • Add to a love spell to remove love curses
    • Add to a prosperity to lift money hexes
    • Add to a luck spell to turn bad luck around
    • Add to a open roads spell to remove harsh negative blocks
    • Add to a blessing spell to remove anything preventing your blessings
    • Or add to any other spell where you would like to remove negativity

    The Uncrossing Spell Booster Pack works well with any spell where you want to remove any and all negativity that has been sent your way. Use this Booster Pack with a purification candle spell kit to amplify the its cleansing power or add it to a curse reversal spell, love spell, money spell, luck spell or any other spell where you’d like to remove curses, jinxes, crossing or negativity of any kind.

    This Spell Booster Pack is designed to help you customize and amplify your spell work. It is recommended that you add this Booster Pack to a Parlour of Wonders Spell Kit that has a figural candle.

    Use this booster pack to enhance or add additional customized elements to a spell. You can choose to add it to a similar Spell Kit or mix and match with a spell kit for a different intention. For example, you could use this Uncrossing Spell Booster Pack along with any Reversing spell kit to thoroughly remove curses, jinxes, or hexes or with any cleansing spell kit to drive out all crossed up conditions.

    Booster Packs are designed to be added to any Spell Kit that we offer at the Parlour of Wonders to turn it into a deluxe spell kit! The Uncrossing Candle Spell Booster Pack comes with:

    • 4 Thick White Tapers to use as support candles

    • 2 Herb Packets to add to the herbs in your spell kit

    • A Spell Kit sized bottle of Uncrossing oil

    • A bottle of silver real glass glitter

    • A Blue Tigers Eye gemstone to amplify the uncrossing power

    • A Petition Paper for you to write out your intentions

    • Complete instructions on how to add these elements to your candle spell

    Everything that you need to make your candle spell extra special and extra powerful.

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    1. Joel Añón (verified owner)

      Incredible booster pack! It super-powered my uncrossing spell, and came with a generous amount of supplies. Highly recommend!

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