Venetian Glass Heart Love Charm


These beautiful hand-blown glass heart love charms can be placed on an altar, carried in a pocket or given to someone to cast an enchanting love spell.



Inspired by the vetro veneziano of the Isle of Murano, these glittering hearts make beautiful charms to draw a true love that sparkles and shines. Venetian glass is believed to have originated 1,500 years ago and during the Middle Ages and Renaissance it became renowned throughout the world. Bring the glittering elegance and sparkling magic of this ancient art form to your spells with these truly wonderous talismans.

Bless one of these hearts by applying a drop of love oil to it and place it on your altar to draw in the love that you desire or bless and place two of them side by side to keep your lover true. Or you can bless carry one with you to attract the love that you desire.

Choose the color that most closely matches your intention:

  • Pink for romance

  • Blue for healing and reconciliation

  • Purple for a truly spiritual love

  • Green for the love to grow

  • Platinum for lasting love

Measures 1.25” x 1.25” x .5”


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