Verdigris Green Man Incense Burner


Let this beautiful cast metal incense burner hold your stick incense and catch the ashes for easy clean up.

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The Green Man is a decorative representation of the spirit of nature and has been found in architecture and painting for nearly two-thousand years in places ranging from Lebanon and Iraq to Nepal and Borneo but was quite popular in Europe during the middle ages. The Green Man can be used to connect you to your wild natural spirit, to honor plant spirits and nature gods, or to add a Celtic flavor to your altar.

At 10” long, this whimsical incense ash catcher can be used with all stick incense — simply place the stick in the Green Man’s mouth and he’ll hold your incense at a 45 degree angle where it can burn safely and cleanly. This incense burner is big enough that it can be also used as a handy resting place for your smudge sticks.

Measures 10” x 1.5”


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