Hand-Forged Wax Inscriber

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These hand-forged wax inscribers are the perfect magical tool to carve your wishes or petitions directly onto a candle.



Wax inscribers are used to write your spell words, wishes, sigils or intentions directly onto a wax candle. These beautifully hand-forged wax inscribers are made for us by Troll Cunning Forge.

Use the type of inscriber that best aligns with your intention: copper for love work and the transference of energy or iron for grounding, protection and manifestation.

These inscribers are a little slimmer than a pencil and but long enough to easily write your wishes in wax.

These hand-forged inscribers are handmade by a master blacksmith and quenched in water from Devil’s Lake. Each one is a unique piece of the blacksmith’s art – no two are alike.

Regular sized inscribers measure between 4”-5” long, mini inscribers measure 3″-4″ long.

2 reviews for Hand-Forged Wax Inscriber

  1. raedioactiv (verified owner)

    I like this! An inscriber really is easier to use (for carving on candles or other soft items) than a knife or other implement.

  2. Robin (verified owner)

    This inscriber fits in the hand perfectly, is solid, and just perfectly made for writing intentions into my candles. Plus, the swirling patterns just adds to the design overall!

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