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It’s Friday I’m in love! Each Friday TheLoveWitchNYC lights a group candle spell service for clients who want more love in their lives, or who wish to improve the love in an existing relationship.



If you are ordering this candle spell, please read and agree to the Spellwork Agreement.

Each Friday TheLoveWitchNYC conducts a love spell service for a group of magical clients. Anyone can get in on this powerful spell! Within 24 hours of purchase you’ll receive an email from thelovewitchnyc@gmail.com letting you know which number will identify your candle during the upcoming spell service. If you order after midnight Pacific on Thursday your candle will be burned the following Friday.

Enter your intention at checkout. Some suggested intentions include:

  • Influence someone to fall in love with you
  • Turn up the heat in an existing relationship
  • Invite new love into your life
  • Bring a former love back into your life
  • Invite peace and healing into your current relationship
  • Turn a friend into a lover
  • Improve a family or friend relationship
  • Draw your soul mate to you
  • Find a life path or job you love
  • Improve self love
  • Love your life more
  • Invite more love into your surroundings

On the Monday following the spell service TheLoveWitchNYC will send out one email with two photos: One of the candles burning (with the number you were assigned identifying your candle) and another of the completed spell.

If you would like to interpret these remains yourself, please read the chapter on Candle Reading in The Book of Candle Magic or the Candle Interpretations section of the Candle How-To Guide.

If you would like The Love Witch to interpret the remains, order the optional candle report you’ll receive a detailed candle report within a week of the spell completing. In this report you will get an interpretation of the spell remains along with suggestions for  both magical and practical actions that would be helpful to reach your goal, and what to expect from the work.

Questions about this spell service? You can reach out to TheLoveWitchNYC directly by emailing thelovewitchnyc@gmail.com or by texting 212-242-4445

4 reviews for Weekly Love Spell Group Service by The Love Witch

  1. Taylor Johnson

    Excited to join in on this experience!

    I’m finally ready for some love, hoping to attract either my soul mate, or someone I’m around to fall in love. 🔥🥰

  2. Flerida Resurreccion

    Its my first time and I’m excited

  3. S0livagant (verified owner)

    First time trying this service
    Very excited for the experience.

  4. EJ (verified owner)

    After a year of being single, I’m finally ready to bring in new love. You guys, this is so fun and has a great group energy. Make sure you get the candle report, as TheLoveWitchNYC has great insights! I’ve felt a bit hopeless lately, and this candle service gave me love, light & HOPE. It’s too soon to tell for certain, but I’ve already had a few invitations to social outings that are out of the ordinary. I feel like this spell has opened the door to my future. I just have to go walk through it. 🙂

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