Werewolf Magick – Book


Werewolf Magick: Authentic Practical Lycanthropy by Denny Sargent

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Unleash the Wolf Within

Raise your confidence, connect to your primal self, and deepen your spirituality with this empowering book of lycanthropic magick. Featuring authentic shape-shifting rituals, spells, meditations, and folklore, Werewolf Magick shows you how to awaken your inner wolf and transform into a happier, braver, and freer person.

Denny Sargent leads you on a life-changing journey into the world of primal magick. This practical book reveals how to embrace your fearless Animal self through dozens of hands-on exercises and ancient techniques. Learn to shed the restrictions of modern society and answer the call of your feral being. Master spiritual shape-shifting and meet wolf deities. Discover effective tools, invocations, and symbols to enhance your practice. This ecstatic guide helps bring forth your powerful werewolf self and reach your full, natural potential.

240 pp.

6 x 9



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