Wiccan Pentagram Triple Goddess Incense Burner


This rustic brass finish Wiccan Pentagram Triple Goddess Incense Burner will hold your stick incense safely and catch the ashes for simple clean up.

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Invite the power of the moon and the magic of the pentagram to your magical rituals. With its rustic hammered finish and mystical symbols, this incense ash catcher will add beauty and a deeply spiritual connection to your magical practice.

The pentagram is an ancient symbol signifying the five elements of air, fire, water, earth, and spirit. It’s also considered a talisman of protection and health. The triple moon is a symbol of the triple goddess — maiden, mother, and crone — and is used to connect to this powerful feminine energy.

Place your stick incense in the hole at the center of the pentagram and it will stand at a 45-degree angle to burn completely while the 10” tray will catch the ashes for easy disposal with no mess.

Measures 10” x 1.5”


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