Wickman Wick Trimmer


The Wickman Candle Wick Trimmer is a black stainless steel wick trimmer that will trim and catch wick pieces to help your candle spells burn clean and safe.

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    The Wickman Wick Trimmer has a specially designed tray that catches wick residue, keeping your candles looking and burning clean. Trim your candle’s wick for a cleaner and longer burn. The special trays will catch the cut wick, stopping it from falling back into the candle.

    7″ long with debris catching trays

    • Keep wick trimmed down to 1/4 inch for a longer, cleaner, safer candle burn

    • Reduces soot emissions and discoloration of glass

    • Ergonomic shape makes reaching and trimming wicks a breeze

    • Made from steel

    • Weighs 3 ounces


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