Winter: Rituals to Thrive in the Dark Cycle of the Saeculum – Book


Winter: Rituals to Thrive in the Dark Cycle of the Saeculum by Jo Graham

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    This book is a fascinating exploration of one of the four cycles in the ancient Etruscan system known as the saecula. Winter is the final cycle of endings before the time of renewal and rebirth. With hands-on exercises and rituals, author Jo Graham invites you to find the spirit of heroism within as you transform your life and soul in this challenging era.

    Building on the foundation that was established in The Great Wheel, this book reveals how the energy of this era influences your spiritual life, your relationships, and your community. Welcome the classical deities including Diana Nemorensis, Mercury, Athena Strategos, Mars, Father Dis, and others as you:

    • Find your purpose when the world seems out of control
    • Create a haven for those who are in need
    • Protect yourself and your loved ones as the crisis deepens
    • Use your unique talents to help save your corner of the world
    • Preserve the things you treasure for the season of Spring to come

    Exploring the powerful cycles of generations, life spans, and seasons, Winter offers specific techniques and support to help you see that the era of Winter is only temporary and Spring will come again.

    “Graham, a pagan practitioner and cofounder of the spiritual organization Cult of Isis, explores in this evocative work what she sees as the effects of a cyclical system called the Saeculum. … Readers with an interest in pagan traditions will enjoy this accessible guide for understanding the cyclical movement of time.”—Publishers Weekly

    224 pp.

    6 x 9 softcover


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