Wise Owl Incense Burner Tray


Owls are the silent guardians of the night and this Wise Owl Incense Burner tray will bring that nocturnal magic to your practice.

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    The Greek goddess Athena selected the owl as her companion because of its wisdom. For the Hopi people, the owl is associated with prophecy, divination and the lower world. For many of us today, the owl represents mystery, witchcraft, and keen insight.

    Bring the magic of the owl to your practice with this beautiful metal incense tray. Place stick incense in the holder – this tray is long enough to catch all the ashes and make clean up easy. This tray can also accommodate your herb bundles or smudge sticks when you need to set them down. However, you use it, this lovely tray will bring extra magic to your altar.



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