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Witchful Thinking: The Wise Woman’s Handbook for Creating a Charmed Life by Zoe Howe

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    Join the Rock ‘n’ Roll Witch on a Magical Tour of Wit, Wisdom & Joy

    From stirring your tea to smashing the patriarchy, Witchful Thinking helps you create a charmed life full of magic and inspiration. Featuring spiritual advice and fun, creative techniques for developing that all-important magical mindset, this empowering book takes you on a journey into witchcraft, feminism, and vibrant health. Zoë Howe draws upon the age-old archetype of the “cunning woman” as a guide to connect you to the energies of nature and reveal your inner wise one. Designed for women of all identities, this book warmly encourages you to create your own magic, embrace your body type, and start your personal revolution. Explore the foundational topics of magic, from pentagram power and lunar lore to chakras, crystals, and divination. Enjoy witchy tips from Zoë and a variety of contributors, including Madame Pamita, Linda Yael Schiller, and Laura Keeble. A little witchful thinking is all you need to enchant your life.

    “Talking the archetype of the wise-woman and various themes from the modern witchcraft revival, Zoë Howe lifts them to a refreshing guide for a magical life. Encouraging us to forge our own way guided by intuition, imagination, heritage, and preferences, this is both personal magical primer and an enchanting self-blossoming guide. There are spells and tips and simple positive practices that may change our lives with insights and observations and what the author calls ‘witchful thinking.’ We are led to consider our own extramundane connections and become aligned with them, to benefit ourselves and the wider community, letting magic flow into the real world of here and now.”—Caroline Wise, international presenter on the goddess, folklore, and Mythic London and coeditor of The Secret Lore of London

    Witchful Thinking is here to inform and inspire: let the Rock-n-Roll witch take you on a magical tour through the practices that can make your life sparkle. With methods based on her own experiences, Howe invites in other practitioners to offer expert advice, too. Turn up the music and make some magic.”— Dr. Kate Laity, author of White Rabbit

    “Zoë Howe is the wise and seasoned guide I wish I had at the beginning of my magical journeys. Witchful Thinking feels like sitting at the table with Zoe, enjoying a cup of tea, as she warmly shares practical, accessible and powerful methods for creating a mindful and enchanted life. Written with more than a bit of wit and genuinely solid life advice, this book is a sweet gift from a truly witchy heart.”—Amy Hale, PhD, anthropologist, folklorist, and author of Ithell Colquhoun

    “Packed full of smart, practical tips and techniques for living your best, most empowered life, Witchful Thinking is the equivalent of a powerful magical toolkit. The author’s kind, warm tone makes this book very accessible; reading it is like speaking with a fun friend…Whether you are a novice or an adept, let Witchful Thinking lead you toward a more magical life. Highly recommended.”—Judika Illes, author of the Encyclopedia of 5,000 Spells

    “Zoe Howe has created an engaging new work of witchery for the modern era, studding it with gems from her personal magical experiences, British folklore, and her family’s own traditions. Zoe’s warm personality comes through the page as she welcomes everyone to join her on the journey of the Wise Woman…We agree with Zoe: let’s all bring more ‘witchful thinking’ into our lives!”— Sue Terry & Erzebet Barthold, Directors, Magickal Women Conference

    “The author presents us with a plethora of information and guidance drawn from our wonderful eclectic journey that is Witchcraft, with a little history and personal experience thrown into the mix for good measure. A practical and useful guide for those wishing to embark on working and living a magical life in today’s modern age.”—Rachel Patterson, witch and author of Curative Magic and The Kitchen Witchcraft series

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