Witch’s Secret Cabinet

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The Witch’s Secret Cabinet is the perfect hiding spot for your favorite magical keepsakes. Extra herbs, curios, intention papers, incense, jewelry or other items you don’t want to misplace will be perfectly at home when tucked inside of these drawers.

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If you’ve got supplies to tuck away, the Witch’s Secret Cabinet is the perfect hiding place.

There are so many hidden spots for you to secret things away. You’ll love the bottom sliding drawer with a rustic metal ring pull or the star-adorned door with the hook latch that swings open to unveil whatever surprise you wish to hide there. And finally on top is a pentagram-adorned hinged lid with an extra hiding spot for your most magical gemstones, coins, or trinkets. This drawer is perfect for holding magical tools, herbs, incense, gemstones, crystals or other treasures!

This hand-carved chest is made of high-quality, stained wood and metal details. The carved pentagram lid makes it the perfect fit for your altar.

9″ x 5″ x 5″

1 review for Witch’s Secret Cabinet

  1. alibate2001 (verified owner)

    I love this cabinet. The size is perfect for keeping on a shelf or altar. It’s well made and there is plenty of space to put little bags of herbs, crystals, jewelry, etc.

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