Wooden Witches Runes Set


The Wooden Witches Runes Set is a handy divination tool that you can take with you wherever you go to get divine wisdom to your deepest questions.

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This set includes 13 Witches’ runes plus the blank rune of mystery. These fun little runes can be easily tossed in your pocket or purse for easy divination on the go.

Simply think of a question or ask one out loud and then pull a rune from the bag to get your answer.

1. The Sun: symbolizes growth, new beginnings, fertility, prosperity, health, happiness, visibility, fame, the god, and self-confidence.

2. The Moon: symbolizes intuition, the goddess, dreams, psychic abilities, emotions, love, healing, and shadow work.

3. Flight (wavy lines representing birds): symbolizes communication, messages from the other side, soaring higher, speed, news, journey, or birds.

4. Rings: symbolizes commitment, relationships, bonding, alliance, marriage, teams, family, attachment, and binding.

5. Triquetra (three petaled flower): symbolizes the triple goddess, life/death/rebirth, trinity, interconnectedness, community, infinity, and the maiden/mother/crone, love blossoming, romance

6. Woman (Y shape): symbolizes woman, the divine feminine, sexuality, attraction, womb and vagina, creativity, birthing, motherhood, femininity, or yoni

7. Man (arrow shape): symbolizes man, male, phallus, arrow, action, fertility, virility, strength, aggression, justice, and goals

8. Harvest (crescent shaped bag with wheat stalks): symbolizes abundance, reaping rewards, manifesting, wealth, family security, prosperity, finances, collecting and reaping what you sow

9. Crossroads (four arrows): symbolizes decisions, blocked paths, opportunities, the space between, spirits, and magic.

10. Waves (swirls): symbolizes the ocean, the land of the spirits, purification, water, emotions, tides, and healing

11. Star: symbolizes guidance, a light in the darkness, wishes, gifts, other worlds, and astrology

12. Scythe: symbolizes the reaping, death, waning, end of an era, cutting ties, endings, releasing and clearing

13. Eye: symbolizes the third eye, seeing the truth, clairvoyance, someone’s watching, the evil eye and protection

0. The Mystery (blank rune):  a complication with your divination, you need to reframe your question, or the answer you seek may be unknowable or already known to you. Instead of a reading, now is a time to meditate and wait.

Runes are made from engraved wood pieces painted black with red designs. Runes come in a purple velveteen bag emblazoned with golden stars.

14 wooden runes and velveteen bag

Runes measure approx. 1.5″

Bag measures 2.75″ x 3″


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