You’ve Got That Thing Cone Incense


Empower yourself and walk with your head held high with You’ve Got That Thing Cone Incense added to your spellwork.



It’s time for you to own your own power and project total confidence, whether it’s in love or in the workplace.  You can walk with your head held high when You Got That Thing.

This sweet and peppery blend has the power of bergamot essential oil to give a boost to your confidence and make others respect you.

Available in packages of 13 small (1”) cones or 7 large (2”) cones.

You Got That Thing incense got its name from the 1920s jazz song, “You’ve Got That Thing” by Ted Lewis.

Ways to Use this Incense:

  • Burn this incense when doing any empowerment spellwork.
  • Carry your brazier through your home or workplace to give you empowerment wherever you go.
  • Burn this incense as you pray for your confidence and mastery.
  • Smudge yourself by waving the fragrant smoke over your body to give yourself a power boost.

For more ideas on how to work with cone incense, please watch my Cone Incense Magic video below.


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