Blessing Sachet Powder

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Blessing Sachet Powder


If you want to raise the vibration of someone or something, then Blessing Oil can help you to give comfort and aid to others and to purify yourself and your surroundings.  1 oz.

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When you are feeling crossed or cursed, the best thing to do is Jinx Removing or Uncrossing work, but follow it up with the power of Blessing! 

Whether things are bad or good in your life, if you want them to stay good or get better, Blessing sachet brings your spirit up to the highest vibration.

Relieve the suffering of others, bring mental peace or physical relief, invite divine blessings on a new venture or ask for a miracle.

Ways to use this sachet powder:

Apply this sachet powder to your body in an upward motion on a daily basis.

Bless others secretly or openly - Place a little of the sachet powder on something that your the person you wish to bless will touch, and shake off the excess before giving it or sending it to him or her - for example, you can apply it to a greeting card. 

Inscribe your name on a white or light blue beeswax candle and roll the candle in the sachet powder before lighting for your blessing spell.

Sprinkle Blessing sachet around your home to bless all within.

Blow a handful of sachet to the east, south, west and north to attract blessings from all directions. 

For more ideas on how to work with spiritual sachet powders, please read my Sachet How To Guide under Instruction and watch my Sachet how to video below: