Break Up Sachet Powder


Break Up Sachet Powder


Break Up sachet powder means business. If you are trying to break up lovers or a married couple, Break Up sachet will have them fighting like cats and dogs

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This sachet is not for the weak of heart. If you really have good reasons for breaking up a couple and want them to part for good, then Break Up sachet is for you. The intent of this sachet is for lovers to fight, quarrel and leave each other on very bad terms.

Ways to use this sachet:

Mix with dirt and sprinkle some on the doorstep of each of the lovers 

Dress 2 black figural candles - one representing each lover - with Break Up oil, rubbing it on in a downward motion and then roll the candles in Break Up sachet for a double dose.

Apply a light dusting of Break Up sachet to a "gift" given to the couple. 

Blow a handful of the sachet toward the direction of the couple. 

For more ideas on how to work with spiritual sachet powders, please read my Sachet How To Guide under Instruction and watch my Sachet how to video below: