Cleo May Sachet Powder

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Cleo May Sachet Powder


Cleo May sachet is used to attract quick love with a generous partner and by workers who rely on tips to draw generous clients.

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If you want to meet more generous partners, then Cleo May will open up their wallets. Prostitutes use Cleo May to get money from their Johns, waitresses use it to get tips from their customers, and wives use it to get men to loosen the purse strings, open the wallet, and play fair with cash in hand. 

Cleo May renders the wearer enticing, friendly, charming, and loving to a degree and in a particular way that causes the men in contact with the woman who wears it to want to shower her with gifts or money or both.

Ways to use this sachet powder:

Apply this sachet powder to your body in an upward motion before going work, seeing your lover or going out to meet new people.

Place a little of the sachet powder on something that the person you want to be more generous to you will touch, and shake off the excess before giving it or sending it to him - for example, you can apply it to a greeting card. 

Inscribe your name on a red beeswax candle for love and roll the candle in the sachet powder before lighting for your Cleo May spell.

Mix the sachet powder with some dirt and sprinkle the mixture someplace where your target will step, such as in front of a door.

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