Compelling Sachet Powder

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Compelling Sachet Powder


Used by those who wish to compel another to make good on a promise. 1 oz.

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Compelling sachet is designed to compel another person to do your bidding. Compelling sachet does not bring about degradation or subjugation but is primarily recommended in cases where one is owed money or a favor, or a promise has been broken. If a party will not keep his or her word to you, a Compelling spell may be needed to get what you are owed. 

The ingredients in Compelling sachet include Calamus Root and Licorice Root, plus other herbs and essences. Compelling sachet is often mixed with love sachets for use in love spells and with money sachet for use in money spells.

Ways to use this sachet powder:

Apply this sachet powder to your body in an upward motion when going to meet your target.

Place a little of the sachet powder on something that the person you wish to compel will touch, and shake off the excess before giving it or sending it to him or her - for example, you can apply it to a greeting card, paperwork or a business card. 

Inscribe your name on a green beeswax candle for money or both you and your target's name on a red beeswax candle for love and roll the candle in the sachet powder before lighting for your compelling spell.

Mix the sachet powder with some dirt and sprinkle the mixture someplace where your target will step, such as in front of a door.

For more ideas on how to work with spiritual sachet powders, please read my Sachet How To Guide under Instruction and watch my Sachet how to video below: