Court Case Sachet Powder


Court Case Sachet Powder


Court Case Sachet Powder is used to influence both judge and jury to decide in your favor. 

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Those who are called into Court on charges have long sought spells whereby to influence the Judge and Jury. Certain herbs and roots are well known for this purpose and are included in Court Case Sachet Powder. The ingredients in Court Case formulas include Little John to Chew (also known as Court Case Root), Deer's Tongue Leaves, and Calendula Flowers, plus other herbs and essences reputed to be efficacious. This herb-based Court Case formula is used for cases similar to those in which Latin American brujeria would prescribe Justo Juez (Just Judge) herbs.

How to use this sachet powder:

Apply a light dusting of Court Case powder to documents related to your court case, especially documents that will be touched by a judge.

You may also apply it to your body in an upward motion before meeting with a lawyer or going to court. 

Dress a brown candle with several drops of Court Case oil in an upward motion and roll it in Court Case Sachet for a double dose of power.

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